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Survival Style techniques and demonstrations for snares, spear-traps, bow-traps, and live capture.

Paiute Deadfall Trap – The Best Type and How to Build

Paiute Deadfall Trap 101 The Paiute Deadfall Trap is the easiest and most effective of all deadfall traps. Understanding and mastering this type of primitive trap is an important component of a survivalist's knowledge base. The Paiute Deadfall is suited to capture small (rodents) to medium (raccoon) sized game depending upon deadfall weight/size. There are…
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How to Dig Crawfish From Their Burrows

A step by step instructional guide on how to unconventionally catch crayfish using only your hands. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 1: Locate a Crayfish Burrow Crayfish will make burrows (underground tunnels) at various times depending upon the season as well as the water availability of their pond/lake/creek/river. You will find these burrows by looking for mud mounds…
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