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Survival-Style cooking techniques for those situations where modern cookware and amenities are lacking.

Primitive Gorge Hook – Survival Fishing

Primitive Survival Fishing 101 - Catch and Cook Hey Group, today we're going to be building a fishing rig completely from what I can forage, using just my knife to cut down the tree and do the rough shaping of the hook. Supplies: Yucca leaf for fishing line - one large leaf Tree branch or…
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Pan Frying Rattlesnake

Pan Frying Rattlesnake [youtube v = "B89kUSYW3VU" ratio = "16:9"] Hey Group, thanks for checking out this video, the recipe below is more of a guide, there's no right or wrong measures for your dry mix. It's one of those things you play with and learn as you go; everybody has their own preference on…
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How to Campfire Bake Freshwater Clams and Mussels

A step by step instructional guide on how to campfire bake Freshwater Clams and Mussels. Mussels, clams and other bivalves are aquatic filter feeders that line many of the world's banks and shorelines from marine seas and oceans to freshwater rivers, lakes and streams. This article will be focusing upon a primitive campfire baking method…
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