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Welcome To The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Resource!

The goal of Outbackerish is to become an archive of Wilderness Survival Skills. Collections and compilations of tried and true techniques and wisdom regarding everything a person might need to survive and thrive in the outdoors. Take a look around, check back as the site will continue to build upon and offer tales and insight for those who live and breathe a bit further off the beaten path.

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Fire grants us a source of heat, the light to see by night, and the ability to cook our food for better digestion and disinfection. Here you will find the methods and means to procure fire in most any situation as well as learn to use it in the most efficient manner.


Exposure to the elements (heat, cold, damp or dry) is a primary concern in most environments. The materials, techniques and philosophy of shelter building are discussed and demonstrated here.


Energy in the form of protein and calories are required to survive over the long term. The ability to forage, capture, procure, and/or prepare food in the wild can be learned here.


The most important substance on our planet and on average 65% of our body mass. Humans cannot be without access to clean safe drinking water for long. Here are more than a few ways of Water procurement and purification.

“It is not where you take the trail,

It is where the trail takes you.”

-Unknown Author

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