FireCraft 101

Fire is a powerful force that every survivalist must be able to start and efficiently use.  A fire is many things, with its flame it can supply heat to cook with as well as warmth in the cold, it can provide light on the darkest night and companionship to the lonesome, it can also be dangerous to those who use it without proper caution. The  presence of smoke and flames will even keep the insects and prowling creatures at bay. The techniques and tricks of fire craft are the subject of this page.

The art of building a fire is prehistoric and as invaluable to the survivalist as it was to our ancestors. Though seemingly straightforward, there are more than a few ways in which to start and tend a fire, of which a variety of knowledge concerning these techniques should be known and practiced in preparation for any given survival situation.

Look for articles in the future about the following topics:

  • Fire Lays
  • Fire Starting
  • Fire Types
  • Fire Safety