How to Dig Crawfish From Their Burrows

A step by step instructional guide on how to unconventionally catch crayfish using only your hands.

our website Step 1: Locate a Crayfish Burrow

Locate Crayfish Burrow

Crayfish will make burrows (underground tunnels) at various times depending upon the season as well as the water availability of their pond/lake/creek/river. You will find these burrows by looking for mud mounds along the banks of standing water.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2: Remove the Visible "Mound"

Remove the mound

The entrance to each burrow is usually adorned with a bumpy "mound" of mud that can protrude upwards of 1 ft. Simply lift the mound off of the tunnel to expose the burrow at surface level.

page Step 3: Begin Digging and Get Dirty

Begin Digging

Begin Digging

Begin Digging

Fight down the rational fear of extending your arm into a hole containing the unknown... and do it anyway. Begin digging and expanding the burrow hole. Most will extend downwards of 2 ft. The tunnel will probably take a turn at depth or open into a cavity where the crayfish will usually be found.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 4: Pull that Sucker Out!

Step 4: Pull that Sucker Out!

Step 4: Pull that Sucker Out!

Step 4: Pull that Sucker Out!

Grab a hold of anything that feels rigid/solid or that grabs onto you... and pull it out while contemplating the questionable life choices that've brought you to this point. Once out of the hole you probably want to get a better grip on the crayfish by using your thumb and fore-finger to "pinch" the main body behind the eyes/claws.

Shout in triumph to let all in proximity know that you are all that is man!

Note: If there is another inhabitant of the burrow instead of a crayfish, perhaps a turtle or musk rat... try to come to terms with having the nick name "nubby" or some such. It could be worse, though I'm not sure how... Jesus, you just had your finger bitten off by something and it's eating away at it in a hole.

Step 5: Watch this Video to See How It's Done

Not a step, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video ought to be worth at least a thousand

Click on the video above to see how it's done. Check out my YouTube Channel to see more Videos like this one:

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