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Survival-Style cooking techniques for those situations where modern cookware and amenities are lacking.

How to Campfire Bake Freshwater Clams and Mussels

A step by step instructional guide on how to campfire bake Freshwater Clams and Mussels. Mussels, clams and other bivalves are aquatic filter feeders that line many of the world's banks and shorelines from marine seas and oceans to freshwater rivers, lakes and streams. This article will be focusing upon a primitive campfire baking method…
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How to Cook, Gather, and Eat Beetle Larvae (grubs)

Step by step instructions for going about primitively cooking and eating Giant Grubs (Longhorn Beetle Larvae) Disclaimer: Creatures were harmed and consumed in this instructable. I will say that they struck the first blow by killing my entire forest full of 100+ year old grandfather Elms and Hackberry. Dates carved into the trees were from…
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How to Kill, Skin, and Cook Rattlesnake

The video below shows the step by step process of taking a live snake, killing, skinning, gutting/cleaning, and cooking it over a campfire in a primitive manner.  Rattlesnake is common fare for some, though most don't have a clue as to how to go about them.   Disclaimer: An animal was killed in the making…
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