Monthly Archives: October 2017

Yucca Cordage -Rope Making-

The Yucca is one of the most useful Southern plants.  These uses include the ability to provide sosp(roots), food(blossoms, seeds, and stalk) as well as rope or cordage(leaves) which is the subject of this arcticle.    
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Ferro Fire with “The Ugly Stick”

The Ferro Rod with the Ugly Stick Method Ferro rods are a popular tool and method  for starting survival fires.  A variety of qualty ferro rods made by literally hundreds of companies can be had at reasonable prices.  Unfortunately, the techniques on their  usage can seem to be as numerous and sorted to the point…
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Eyes and Ears

The rains have come and brought life back to this creek.  I walk the familiar paths and survey the changes that this weather and the turning season have caused.  Always with me, watching for danger and guiding me down trails is my pup Huck.  Without him, much of what I do would not be possible.…
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