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How to Cook, Gather, and Eat Beetle Larvae (grubs)

Step by step instructions for going about primitively cooking and eating Giant Grubs (Longhorn Beetle Larvae) Disclaimer: Creatures were harmed and consumed in this instructable. I will say that they struck the first blow by killing my entire forest full of 100+ year old grandfather Elms and Hackberry. Dates carved into the trees were from…
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How to Kill, Skin, and Cook Rattlesnake

The video below shows the step by step process of taking a live snake, killing, skinning, gutting/cleaning, and cooking it over a campfire in a primitive manner.  Rattlesnake is common fare for some, though most don't have a clue as to how to go about them.   Disclaimer: An animal was killed in the making…
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The Beginning

Bob Hansler

This site is currently under construction... and will be for a while.

Content will become more free flowing and regularly posted nearing the end of August 2015.  This site is intended to be a resource of survival, prepping, and wilderness skills that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be "tried and true."  Whether you are a veteran or beginner in this field, the pages within should afford some useful and at times entertaining substance.

In the meantime, take a look at my YouTube Channel:

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